Cardinal Brush


Side Broom

The purpose of a side broom is to throw debris out in front of the sweeper so that the main broom can pick it up. With a nearly indestructible plastic block, our side brooms are some of the most durable on the market and are designed to meet or exceed tough OEM specifications. The highest quality Poly, Nylon, and Flat Wire filaments are used to ensure longevity and durability.

Rotary Brush

The rotary (disk) brush is designed to spin and agitate debris loose from the ground. With features such as depressed shower-feed holes and a solution containment edge, our blocks have been engineered for optimal performance. Depending on the application, choose from many different options of Grit, Poly, Nylon, Wire or Natural filaments to best meet the needs of your customer. Call with a make and model and we can build a brush to fit nearly any machine.


Our disk (rotary) brushes can be used on various models of machines just by changing the hardware that drives them. Whether it’s a Gimbal, Clutch Plate or Lugs, we offer the hardware to fit any scrubber. Above are some of our more popular ones, or contact us if you don’t see the one you need.